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Aricultural production is the main basis of the economy inGemlik. Addition to this olive plantation is the most important issue inGemlik’s agricultural production. The olive which is produced on the region ofGemlik is the best black olive not just in Turkey, but also all around theWorld. Gemlik based olive production is approximately 35 thousand tons of yearfrom a total of 2,3 million olive trees located on Gemlik. Gemlik olive isregistered as a brand in the year of 2005.

In 1935 Celal Bayar (the 3rd president of Turkey, and alsoGemlik-born politician) instructed the construction of the Suni İpek (syntheticsilk) Factory which was by Atatürk (the founder of our nation) in 1938.Industrilization in Gemlik had continiued by the establishment of olive andsoup workhouses.

At present day Gemlik is the one of the most intenslyindustrialized regions on Turkey. A total of 5 large industiral companies areactive in Gemlik. Furthermore a free trade zone and some other factories arealso operational in our town. Finally as a coastal town; Gemlik has 5 portsthat support the economical activity.

Gemlik is also a touristic town. It has many beaches, hotelsand other facilities. It has located between one of the most populated citiesof Turkey (Bursa and İstanbul). As a result of this especially at summer seasonthe village of Kumla in Gemlik is a very favorite place for all people. Thedistance Gemlik to Bursa is 30 km, Gemlik to Yalova 40 km and 2 hours of directsea bus travel or 15 minutes sea plane travel of Gemlik to İstanbul.