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Abstract: Gemlik is a developed sub-district of Bursa, spans a total of 413 km² and located in South part of Marmara Region. The area has great importance throughout history because of the advantages of the geographical location. In early time of Ottoman Empire, Gemlik was a port city then its function was converted into agriculture and commerce for the needs of Ottoman palace. However, it has always been an important port city between two major capitals of Ottoman, Iznik and Bursa, for sea transportation of goods and people, shipyards and accomodation of travelers.

The majority of the ports are located on the southern shores of the Gulf of Gemlik. All of those ports have regional, national and international strategic importance because of
their geographic locations. Proximity to industrialized cities has played an important role to establishment and development of the ports, as well as natural factors. This study aims to investigate advantages of these ports based on their geographical locations and their features based on the services that they provide. It is also an attempt to offer solutions for the problems related to locations, natural environment, ports impacts on the city and other natural and human factors which effects developments of the ports

Use your place in Gemlik district, in the northwestern part of our country, in the Marmara Region, in the southern Marmara part of the Bursa province. 40˚ 18′– 40˚
Located between 34 ‘northern latitudes and 28’ 58 ‘- 29’ 20 ‘east longitudes (MSB, 1977) district lands, 29 km pressure of Bursa province, a calm gulf of the Marmara Sea
A great deal of the coastline of Gemlik Bay is diluted abundantly. Area The district, which is approximately 413 km², covers the total area (10,819
km²) 5.5% (MSB, 1973). Bursa with its face measurement It ranks 8th among counties. The county lands are districts of Yenişehir and Orhangazi from the east, the Marmara Sea from the west(Gemlik Bay) and Mudanya district are surrounded by Yalova province from the north, Osmangazi metropolitan district, Gürsu, Kestel, and Yenişehir from the south.
It came out of the northwestern part of Bursa, the Katırlı Mountains bridges from south to east and The district lands on three sides by the Samanlı Mountains, bridging from the north to the east, the bridges between these mountains are at the beginning of the Gemlik Bay-İznik Lake Depression.

The accumulation of materials carried by Karsak Creek to the east of Gemlik Bay There are Gemlik Plain and Gemlik Ports. The harbors are approximately 5 km from Gemlik city center. Establishment place of ports In addition to the natural characteristics, the human and economic geography characteristics of the city are also
becomes effective.